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Just as advised about our WEREWOLF spell casting we advise strong and careful consideration when desiring to enter the world of THE WEREWOLVES. Those who consider becoming a Werewolf will have to understand that while their are some methods to reverse the enchantment of The Werewolf spirit and physical….please know that a person endowed with these abilities will ALWAYS have some level of Werewolf energy and power within them. SO CAUTION!!!! Animals and even some people will know that something is “different” about you even if you have banished the very existence from your life.


Our coven has used magick for many years as we are one of if not THE oldest and most respected enchanters of magick using our powers to bring about positive change in the lives of others is important to us but what reign over this is safety and concern for our clients. Our coven cast spells that will not harm others and promotes long-life, love and peace.

Caution to those who

desire to become a


Again we suggest caution to those who desire to become A Werewolf. Also we have Vampire deities (Here you will find an offering that has a Vampire deity endowed upon it; Vampire enchanted offering )We have taken great measures to ensure that our magick and spell cast offerings highly protect the safety of our clients. Anyone that is serious about becoming a Werewolf should fully weigh the “Pros and Cons” of their choice. The Cons (the negative or less favorable results); cons

  • (1) Werewolves are targeted by both, wielders and non wielders of Magick
  • (2) Werewolves FULL control of their personal powers can take months or even years to FULLY MASTER
  • (3) The mere touch of wolfs bane can be fatal to werewolves.
  • (4) Silver in its purest form can cause immense injury or death to werewolves if the metal is not quickly extracted from the body.
  • (5) Silver can prevent a werewolf from not realizing or using the powers.

    Pros (the good things about being a Werewolf) The Pros (the Positive or best qualities of becoming a werewolf);


  • (1) Werewolves possess immense speed as they could run as fast as 55 MPH
  • (2) Werewolves are strong and have been known to have the physical strength of five grown men weightlifters.
  • (3) The Werewolf have great stamina as they can endure, battle or last for a great amount of time during lovemaking.
  • (4) Werewolves have heightened vision which allows them to see great distances, see in limited light or in the dark.
  • (5) These beings have an increased sense of smell giving them the ability to detect the contents of a objects sealed in some of the most secured methods, from miles away.
  • (6) Werewolves’ hearing is unlike any other creature as they can hear 4 times that of a bat and can detect frequencies much higher than human and animal range.
  • (7) Werewolves have the ability to shape-shift, as a person enchanted with the deity’s powers can not only fully transform his/her physical body but also variable transformation is possible (which happens mainly to newly enchanted werewolves) allowing the person to extent his/her teeth, claws lengthen or shorten one’s hair and many other combinations can occur.
  • (8) Werewolves have the ability to influence and control the thoughts and minds of other people and animals.
  • (9) Werewolves have the ability to heal quickly from injuries, sickness and disease. The Werewolf can even pass on a certain level of healing to his/her lover through bodily transfusion (kissing, sex etc) and one’s child will also have the abilities of the parents.
  • (10) Werewolves have the ability to “sniff out” the essence of magick enchanters such as witches, warlocks, other Werewolves and deities that are near by (about 5 miles radius)
  • (11) Werewolves have been know to have an increased sense of taste being able to determine a person’s character (whether the person is benevolent or malevolent) or nature which is a characteristic that allows Werewolves to determine if a potential mate is worthy.
  • Now after you have considered the “pros and cons”….are you still sure that you want to become a WEREWOLF? We suggest that you again consider the benefits and possible negative implications of becoming a Werewolf,also we ask that you meditate on the subject for at least 2 days and THEN and ONLY THEN should you make your decision BECOME A WEREWOLF

    Ways that our coven will help you to turn or change or have a vampire experience;
    Powerful talisman to become a Werewolf of The lycanthrope

    These offerings have absorbed the powers of Werewolves; strength, speed, stamina and other powers with these offerings the keeper will have the powers and talents of the Werewolf and over time the power will merge with the very spirit of the keeper. Each offering is specifically spell cast for the keeper using his/her information, give us your full name, date of birth and direction of bed while sleeping in bed our coven will work on the offering and it usually takes us about 7 days to complete the ritual BEFORE we can ship it to you. It will take the keeper from 4 months to 8 months to have the powers of Werewolves, these offerings will protect the keeper from potential hazardous deities. These offerings will summon (benevolent or like-minded ) Werewolves from as far as 800 miles away and / or absorb the energy needed from them to the keeper. The keeper shall be transformed mentally and or physically into Werewolf, at a safe a moderate pace to protect the keeper from overload of energy. The offering will give the person the power of Werewolf (and the deities weakness too)permanent and does not require the talisman to maintain the energy after 1 year of keeping the offering in one’s possession or ownership. Here are some offerings that will have taken our spell cast ritual to transform you into a Werewolf you must choose the one (if any) that calls to you please remember to include with your payment so that we can begin our work to attach YOUR ENERGY with that of the offering, we need; Your full name, Date of Birth and Direction of sleeping in bed. Here are the offerings that will take the spell to transform the keeper into a Werewolf:

    Offerings were consecrated with the powers of the witch of the Iron wood, known as the mother of wolves ANGERBODA
    Unsure if this any of these offerings are right for you? Here’s what to do…

    If you have a connection with any of these offerings do the following ritual between the hours 11:30 p.m and 3:45 a.m (1) recite the deity’s name (ANGERBODA) three times while viewing one’s own reflection in a mirror. (2) Before sleeping recite the deity name 3 times again and this time visualize the vessel pendant/ring. You will know if this offering is right for you, as the deity will speak to you in your dream and or in the physical world. You will hear a tone or pitch in your ears, a whispered voice or even while sleeping you will feel yourself falling. These are indications the deity is indeed watching and or considering you to become its keeper.


    Priced at only $175.25 & free shipping worldwide stainless steel silver and black colored Werewolf enchantment ring size 10 1/2 U.S (Europe 23.59)


    Priced at only $175.25 & free shipping worldwide ancient blue animal carved stone six sided ring U.S size 9 (Europe 19.66)




    Priced at only $175.25 & free shipping worldwide Stainless steel zircons Werewolf enchantment ring size 10 3/4 U.S ( Europe 24.28)










    Priced at only $175.25 & free shipping worldwide Silver plated black Onyx stone ring size 10 3/4 (Europe 24.28)

    Priced at only $175.25 & free shipping worldwide Werewolf enchanted ring steel with gold sprinkles size 11 U.S (Europe 24.97)





    Priced at only $175.25 & free shipping worldwide Werewolf enchanted image ring size 11 1/4 (Europe 25.60)







    Priced at only $175.25 & free shipping worldwide Werewolf pendant enchanted silver plated Labradorite stone and measures about 1 3/4 inches








    Priced at only $175.25 & free shipping worldwide Werewolf enchanted black Onyx ring size 9 U.S (Europe 19.66)

    If you prefer not to connect with a physical object such as the offerings above then our coven can cast spell(s) on YOU, connected through stone(s) these will be semiprecious stones such as Agates, quartz, Amethyst etc…these types of spells are not as strong as having a physical object (as rituals and spells that are bonded to objects allow stronger energy to attach to them) but still it allows a person to slowly and safely become connected to the Werewolf world and culture as they will seek you and some will want to invite you to join their world/pact.
    spell stones

    Strength of werewolf spell

    ASK US ABOUT; Spells to attract Werewolves to you Spells cast upon stone(s) that connect to you during the ritual are just $18.50 (1 stone)for 4 coven members to cast the spell for you or Just $26.50 (2 stones) for 8 coven members to cast the spell and only $34.50 (3 stones) for the entire 13 coven members our coven will need the following information from you to cast the spell and to focus the Werewolves towards you; (1) Your full name, Your date and year of birth and your direction of sleeping in bed. Email our coven anytime if you need to contact us; witchtalismans@sbcglobal.net


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