Spell to become a Vampire transformation changing turning ritual for The Vampyre talisman amulet

Becoming a Vampire spells to summon the deity for transformation get their powers see our video below

Vampire transformation spell, vampires spell, spell vampire, spell for vampire, spell to be a vampire. This is NOT for everyone and one must strongly consider what they are doing before pursuing this change to immortality. This is not natural and means the person enchanted with this power has made a change in one’s life that is NEARLY eternal(we say NEARLY, as their are ways to reverse it and become human once again however this would take a great amount of time and resources and success to change back is not 100%) lasting until the end of times and beyond, known as the UNDEAD.
Our coven has used magick for many years as we are one of if not THE oldest and most respected enchanters of magick using our powers to bring about positive change in the lives of others is important to us but what reign over this is safety and concern for our clients. Our coven cast spells that will not harm others and promotes long-life, love and peace.

Caution to those who

desire to become a


Again we suggest caution to those who desire to become Vampire / Vampyre (Here you will find an offering that has a vampire deity endowed upon it; Vampire enchanted offering )
The safety of this spell is unlike any other vampire spell in that our main focus is on your safety and well-being as we do not desire harm to come upon you or those in your life. We understand that many have being seduced by movies such as twilight the vampire, vampire diaries, others and now have a desire to walk the life of these beings and also to obtain and wield the powers of these creatures. With this Hollywood phenomenal… so have manifested other enchanters who may have good intentions, but many are inexperienced and could bring harm to themselves and those who they intend to help become or summon vampires. Vampires are very powerful and some have malevolent intentions, this deceitful few may portray their love and concern for mortals but their actions speak louder than words. The inexperienced wielders of magick do not know how to do the following; (1) Detect the true intentions of the vampire to determine if the deity is benevolent or malevolent (2) Summon Vampires and or their powers 300 miles away whom are not evil (3) Transform a person mentally and physically through a SAFE and moderate pace that will not “overload” one’s mind or body with a dramatic and extreme change usually between 3 to 8 months(4) Cast a spell to prevent evil deities from tracking you and finding you to harm you. (5) Our coven use talismans and amulets to cast spells upon objects that will then connect with you.

    Become a vampire

    Ways that our coven will help you to turn or change or have a vampire experience;
    Powerful talisman to become a vampire The Vampyre

    These offerings are all capable of absorbing the powers of vampires; strength, speed, immense endurance and stamina, hypnotize humans and animals control over them comes with time, decrease aging and complete suspended animation of aging after 4 years, sexual contact regenerates and powers the keeper, levitation will come in time however practice in WILLING the small object such as a feather to float from left to right will help the person increase the power, each keeper and new vampire will have their own unique power or strength in time (be it control of fire, weather, deity control others) with these offerings the keeper will have the powers and talents of the vampires. Each offering is specifically spell cast for the keeper using his/her information, give us your full name, date of birth and direction of bed while sleeping in bed our coven will work on the offering and it usually takes us about 7 days to complete the ritual BEFORE we can ship it to you. It will take the keeper from 3 months to 8 months to have the powers of vampires, these offerings will protect the keeper from potential hazardous deities. These offerings will summon (benevolent) vampires from as far as 300 miles away and / or absorb the energy needed from them to the keeper. The keeper shall be transformed mentally and or physically into vampire, at a safe a moderate pace to protect the keeper from overload of energy. The offering will give the person the power of vampires permanent and does not require the talisman to maintain the energy after 1 year of keeping the offering in one’s possession or ownership. Here are some offerings that will take our spell cast ritual to make you a vampire you must choose the one (if any) that calls to you please remember include with your payment Your full name, Date of Birth and Direction of sleeping in bed;



    This pendant is silver plated with a blue sapphire stone and measures about 1 3/4 long

    Only $235.00 free shipping



    stamped 925 inside of band sterling silver ring has a CELESTITE blue stone and is a size 5 3/4 U.S (Europe 11.24)

    Only $235.00 free shipping






    silver plated Green moss mixed Agate pendant measures about 2 inches x 1 inch

    Only $235.00 free shipping






    Vampire enchantment Amethyst stone ring sterling silver size 5 1/4 U.S(9.95 Europe)
    Only $235.00 with FREE SHIPPING




    This pendant is silver plated with a yellow turquoise and blue topaz stone and measures about 2 inches long

    Only $235.00 free shipping







    Silver plated black quartz ring size 10 1/2 U.S (Europe 23.59)

    Only $235.00 free shipping






    Sterling Silver Siberian Blue Quartz ring size 9 1/2 U.S (Europe 20.98)

    Only $235.00 and Free shipping




    This pendant is silver plated with a amethyst stone and measures about 1 3/4 inches long

    Only $235.00 free shipping

    If you prefer not to connect with a physical object such as the offerings above then our coven can cast spell(s) on YOU, connected through stone(s) these will be semiprecious stones such as Agates, quartz, Amethyst etc…these types of spells are not as strong as having a physical object (as rituals and spells that are bonded to objects allow stronger energy to attach to them) but still it allows a person to slowly and safely become connected to the Vampire world and culture as they will seek you and some will want to invite you to join their world/clans.

    How many coven members do you want to cast spell? Use the drop down box here to select that which is best for you

    ASK US ABOUT; Spells to attract vampires to you Spells cast upon stone(s) that connect to you during the ritual are just $18.50 (1 stone)for 4 coven members to cast the spell for you or Just $26.50 (2 stones) for 8 coven members to cast the spell and only $34.50 (3 stones) for the entire 13 coven members our coven will need the following information from you to cast the spell and to focus the vampires towards you; (1) Your full name, Your date and year of birth and your direction of sleeping in bed. Email our coven anytime if you need to contact us; witchtalismans@sbcglobal.net

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