Witches and Warlocks Revealed

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The word witch actually means a wise person and linked to wisdom as the same root “to have wit” and to know. This comes from Anglo-Saxon wicca meaning the wise one. Neither of which refers to the sex of the person, because witches can be FEMALE or MALE. The word Warlock however comes from the Scottish and Old English waerloga but it means traitor or oath-breaker, and although it has been applied to identify a male enchanter/spellcaster….practitioner of magic never use this term many times this is used by COWANS; which is a person who does not perform or use magic or witchcraft. Most witches use their powers to help others…..using Love spells, health spells, and other spells to improve the quality of others’ lives. Training in the use of magick have made witches some of the most sought after and honored beings. You can buy spells from our coven or even begin your new life in this study right here. We ask that you use magick to help your fellow man.
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