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Many times energy and/or enchantments are placed inside objects unintentionally. This is especially true due to the fact that items which are kept near us(or in personal contact) or used daily can and will absorb some of our own energy. Whether you are a practitioner of magick or not…your aura will leak energy to objects, and more common jewelry this being the object which is worn most often daily and with metal’s ability to allow energy to flow through them.

While still their are some items which are intentionally consecrated. This consecration is a process of charging objects with magical or spiritual energies which transforms it into either a tool or a holding vessel by which the user can use this power for later or because its energy is far too powerful for one to contain within oneself.

Witch and Warlock Rings worn by Isabella and other great witches

Djinn Genie rings the powers of Jinns shall be YOURS!!!!

haunted rings

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And with eyes closed he bowed to ABAN with great respect and spoke with a crackle in his voice and with a gracious tone; “The people of my village and I honor thee great sorcerer of knowledge, please accept these humble offerings as a token of our appreciation”. In the old man’s hands rested an old tattered blood stained cloth with particles of sand clinging to it. His hands illuminated a light similar to a lone lit torch from a cold cavern. He reached out and ABAN immediately knew what was in the cloth…THE FIVE RINGS OF NASIR!!! ABAN was no stranger to Magick and he was very much aware of the power which dwell inside of these magnificent ancient rings. Thamir(the old man) was a friend of Aban and the stories of him, his village and his Djinns have spanned the earth 6 times fold.
Ancient Protector of all THAMIR was without a doubt an all powerful and immensely knowledgeable enchanter, he mastered many skills of the occult and even developed the ability to control the powers of DJINN Genie JINNS. Most of his magick was used for the sake of others mainly his fellow village people, their land and all that rest upon it.It is uncertain as for exactly how long he was a member of the community and where he came from but one thing is for certain, Thamir have lived to see the birth and passing of over 10 generations. Curious villagers’ would ask but Thamir would modestly reply; “It is true I have seen a many moons yet one thing remains the same I still have much more to learn just as the young who have just made their way into the world. And I, I have been charged to look-over you, very one in this village and all that reside upon it.” This is a vow that Thamir made many, many years ago and with his power, the power of the 8 Djinns which serve him and the knowledge that he have gathered…he have not failed to meet his charge. The people of his village were blessed by the gold, food and water that Thamir and his Djinns would manifest for them. He also taught them to trade and barter with other villages and travelers that occasionally stumbled upon them. It was seldom that anyone would leave the village in search of another home and many would begin their lives and end them due to old age in the very same village of their ancestors. Yet one young man was not very happy with his life in the village and his actions were not complimentary to the members of the village either. Although Amir (the young man) was not very liked among the other villagers (due to his disrespect, theft and ways of being a liar) he was still welcomed and respected as the others. Amir had become a young man of 16 years of age and felt that it was time for him to leave the village and make his way in the world. The other villagers gave Amir a great send off, giving him gifts and food/water for his travels. They would miss the boy Amir not the “Young man Amir” who grew into such a troublesome young adult and many of the village members were quite honestly happy to see him leave. Amir Dangerous Troubles!!! Although Amir left, he did not remain “on his own” for very long, two years after leaving he returned, older but with dangerous troubles. Amir was always known to gamble and cheat (depending upon who this is being done to it is not a great combination) but now he was in a world that dealt harder consequences for your actions. This and many bad business dealings with scoundrels who had sworn to punish him severely for his wrongful ways ran Amir back to the village as place for him to hide. But what he under-estimated was that he crossed a very dangerous being, an accomplished user and master of Black Magick. One that he betrayed was very well known for pillage, piler and plunder of all that crossed him or that did not. The dark magician had the power and command over 20 Djinn Genies and they couldn’t care less about another human mortal as they destroyed many villages and others in the recent past. Amir made it to the village and informed Thamir of his problem and although Thamir was not exactly happy to see Amir and hear of his situation, he knew it was his duty to help Amir. Amir did have a three day lead on Khaldoon (the evil wizard which seeks Amir) and his blood thirsty army of enchanters, this gave Thamir a sufficient amount of time to prepare his own Djinns for an intense battle and or attempt to capture the powerful dark wizard.

Armed with Magick!! Without any warning of his arrival Khaldoon’s Djinns took the village like a storm destroying the natural resources, precious metals and food supply. Thamir knew that had he hesitated the dark wizard and his army would start destroying the village people as well. Thamir manifested himself before Khaldoon in a protective cocoon of astral projection form and tried to reason with him before resulting in violence. Khaldoon rejected any and everything that Thamir proposed and explained that he have destroyed many others for less than the actions of Amir and that the young man shall indeed meet a most horrible fate. Thamir immediately realized that compromise was not an option and that attacking NOW!!! would be his chance. Thamir used various spells and summoned the power of his greatest Djinns, this began a battle of intense sorcery…light flashed amongst them the earth under their very feet was now a distance as they leviated their bodies tens of feet above the ground and mental exhaustion….their minds focused on correct spell casting and chant manipulating, their energy started to drain both enchanters. This intense battle lasted for nearly four days and although the two should have been well spent, Khaldoon’s powers began to grow!!!!??? It hit Thamir as to why this was happening, Thamir did not deal with dark or black magick…only for defiance of himself and others which was rare. But Khaldoon was quite the opposite this was why he was born, to destroy, control and devour any and everyone or thing in his path. And this battle only strengthened his already massive evilness. Khaldoon powers were so strong that he turned some of Thamir’s Djinns on Thamir causing them to battle as well. Yet one of Thamir’s Djinns was able to escape the battle to gather help in an obviously losing battle. The djinn contacted a friend of Thamir and summoned his assistance asap, but by now the village had suffered several human losses and some Djinns have perished as well. In a puddle of sweat, with his face down in the sand is where the old man; Thamir laid, defeated but still alive…barely! And standing over him was Khaldoon with hands raised in victory began extracting the life force, energy, knowledge and teachings of Thamir in an attempt to leave his physical mundane lifeless body as he have done so many times before…but this time it would be a delight, for Thamir was without a doubt one of the most well known and respected enchanters of all time. Constantly fighting to make Thamir drop his defensive aura, but Khaldoon sensed the presence of another being, it was his lead General Djinn stumbling, bleeding and exhausted like he never witnessed a Djinn before he came nearly ten feet of his master Khaldoon and collapsed to the ground as his body evaporated in a blue-ish flame. Needless to say Khaldoon immediately stopped his extraction process from Thamir and began frantically searching with mortal eyes and mystic senses for what or who could have been strong enough to destroy his best Djinn!!!

Fetch my Greatest Djinns!!!

Finally Khaldoon fixed his vision upon an image to the west, it was approaching quickly riding upon a horse of flames, it was immediately noticed and all the fighting had stopped all witnessed and stared at this approaching storm. Khaldoon’s face showed a map to heart like it never have before, Khaldoon was truly frightened, by now the mysterious rider the one who was seeked by Thamir’s Djinn…a close friend to Thamir was indeed…ABAN!!! Khaldoon shouted with fury so intense his mouth moistened the desert sand by which he stood and shouted “FETCH MY GREATEST DJINNS!! And whosoever brings me back the head of Aban shall be my new general!!!”. Within seconds four Djinns cautiously circled Aban and surrounded him with a smokeless fire that rosed over 10 yards in the heavens. Aban shook his head and walked through the flames while at the same time casting and banishing two of the Djinns. One of the other Djinn’s powers were weakened and gradually dissipated. By now Aban was within feet of Khaldoon and Khaldoon and his army were sweating with fear for they heard many stories and they themselves had an recent encounter with the great warlock. Only recently have Aban and his Djinns warned the heartless sorcerer about his evil doings should cease. But now shall the real battle begin, Aban and his fearless Djinns engaged in battle with the dark sorcerer and ended it in about 5 hours. Khaldoon’s army was now destroyed and banished while a few of the others met their demise when they tried to flee while in the midst of battle this was a spell which was precasted by Khaldoon upon his own army to prevent cowardly acts. Aban then looked to Khaldoon and said unto him “As I warned you before not to harm the innocence this is your fate” Aban raised his arms to the sky and chanted an ancient arabic spell Evil wizard whence walks this land may fate be that of sand”Moments after speaking the chant, winds gathered together howled like a pact of wolves and sand formed a cone encompassed Khaldoon’s body as he yelled NOOOOO!!! lifted his rag doll like body over 50 feet into the air and immediately dispersed. All was now quiet as the village people, Thamir and his Djinns gathered themselves and Aban reached to his friend to get him back upon his feet. The two looked at each other and Aban smiled and reassured Thamir that all is well now. Aban asembled his Djinns and remounted his horse. Thamir hurried over to Aban And with eyes closed he bowed to ABAN with great respect and spoke with a crackle in his voice and with a gracious tone; “The people of my village and I honor thee great sorcerer of knowledge, pleae accept these humble offerings as a token of our appreciation”

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