Spirits we all have them

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The word spirit is a widely used word in both the mundane and magic practitioner world. This word in it’s English version is a borrowing from the Latin spiritus, which mean “wind” or breath and also appears in English as the root of words such as “respiration.” When looking at the spirits from the aspect of paranormal and magic one should define spirit as the soul of a dead person, a magical entity of ALL once living beings. David Thomas of New York city New York informed our coven of an cancer illness that he was going through. He said his faithful friend Sluggy (a German Shepherd that lived for 10 years in his home) had been deceased for 1 1/2 years. David said he knew Sluggy was always near and could feel his presence on a daily basis. Sluggy’s weight on David’s legs could be felt whenever he sat down in his favorite chair when watching the daily evening news…the same spot that Sluggy would rest 1 1/2 years ago. This helped David beat the Cancer illness and set him on a rebound for great health. The spirit of animals have been known to follow and stay with the families left behind, and it is not unheard of them remaining as to assist the family and provide protection as they have in their mortal mundane being. Keep in mind that spirits can also be entities that are beyond mortal and have always reserved this form or state of existence. An example of this type of being would be the elements or even the spirit of planets such as the spirit of Saturn is Zazel and the spirit of the moon is Chashmodai.
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