Spell To Remove Hex, Curse and Black Magick

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Haunted spell to hex curse removal magic cast coven witch cast by coven for YOU!!

By Sisters of The North WITCHTALISMANS


You are considering a a spell that is cast for YOU or another from Sisters of The North witch coven. This spell is especially more effective and longer lasting than many others because of the added gift amulet provided from our coven.

This auction is for Spell of;

Haunted spell hex curse removal magic cast coven witch


The time is NOW!! Our coven can help you manifest the life that you need, the life that you desire, the life that you deserve.

Haunted spell to hex curse removal magic cast coven witch cast by coven 

This spell is usually performed for $62.50 save today!!

Continuous run of bad luck? Misfortune seems to find you on the regular? 5 out of 7 days is cloaked with a black cloud? Everything you touch turns into…crap? Do you sometimes smell a foul unexplainable odor? This is not normal! Chances are it is black or evil magick casted upon you or emitted to unknowingly from someone else. You can get this type of evil removed from your being and auric shell.    



Black magick and evil vibrations can be two different things. Black magick is a direct curse or hex placed upon you, however evil vibrations is a bit different and is coming from another person possibly unknowing. It is the negative energy they have for you or it can come off a person which gives this energy towards others yet it attaches to you. This pure HATE in either form is very dangerous and can cause many horrible things from bad luck, illness,to even death!    

Haunted magick think of me love spell cast by coven


When evil spells, hexes, black magic or negative vibrations have been directed or repels to a person, it usually do not hit its highest potency until a couple months or midway into the magick’s longevity of it. SO if one has a few weeks of misfortune, than it is most likely the bulk of the magick or the most intense part of it HAVE NOT hit the person as yet. Depending upon the spell or energy of the sender, multiplied bad luck or misfortune heightened illness to death can manifest. This powerful spell will take your misfortunes, back luck, tainted energy, illness incured by evil and bury it into the earth from whence it came. When the spell have summoned the evil it is very common that people have felt great weight lifting from their beings. Eventhough this spell is not for harming the sender however the times three rule applys even to someone who does not know he/she is giving off the energy. So essentially the caster or sender shall feel the energy times three back against themselves.        


This is something that you have deserved for a long time. Their are no “by chances” in life for each and every single choice or action that we all take or do not take, is because of reason, be it mundane or metaphysical. TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

Everything has a reason and the same is true for the universe, their are no “BY CHANCES”.  


Minutes after a massive rain storm, a leaf effortlessly repels to the drenched ground and many people do not notice this. As it may seem as a pointless event that happens on a daily, yet if one what follow the events that are to come…much would be learned. For what was just charged as a unimportant event was not! The leaf which had fallen to the ground was not retired back into the earth as yet for it had more use which was to save another life. This leaf formed a bridge over a small area of rain which then allowed a once struggling, nearly drowned caterpillar to cross and safely make his way up that very same  tree to later become one of the earth’s most beautiful creatures…..a butterfly. Once again…. NOTHING IS BY CHANCE!! You are definitely NOT reading this by CHANCE! You were meant to find our coven, and we were meant to help YOU. 



Our coven is comprised of 13 members, your spell will be casted with the power of 4 to all 13 members (this depends upon your desire) this spell will be cast in your name or the person you wish to have the magick endowed upon. Now along with the spell we will send to you in the mail as a bonus item, a semiprecious stone in its natural form or tumbled. You may receive a Quartz crystal, Amethyst, Tiger Eye, Emerald Stone, or any other. We choose the stone which have chosen YOU! The stone is bond to you and endowed with the same spell that we have performed for you. As the stone has the ability to make your spell last longer stronger and with residual attributes while at the same time combining with your own vibrations. Energy for the spell in the stone is rejuvenated by the earth’s sun so we ask that you allow this stone to remain in the sun for at least 3 hours in a 168 hour (or 7 day) period. Allow the stone to remain next to your bed when not charging or carrying it. 



When you buy 1 spell now you’ll get 4 members to cast spell

When you buy 2 spells now you’ll get 8 members to cast spell

When you buy 3 spells now you’ll get all 13 members to cast spell (please allow an additional 3 days before spell is performed and completed due to having all thirteen members perform spell)

What we need from you is as follows; 1. Your name (and magick name if you have one) 2. Your date of Birth 3. The direction your bed is in (north & south or east & west)giving us this information will help us to better direct the energy of the spell in your direction and for better reception on your part. It is during the inactive period that spells are better attached, this period of rest allows the mind to receive energy easier. And this direction will help us to choose the right stone for you.

The spell will take about 24 to 36 hours as after this time we shall email you and inform you of casting and any additional information that we feel you you like to know. Remember if you are purchasing more than 2 of this spell that to please allow an additional 3 days before spell is performed and completed due to having all thirteen members perform spell.

Merry meet to you and thanks for coming to our coven’s Ebay listing. Here’s a Spell that you can perform TODAY use magick with caution and patience. You are encouraged to see our other listings as well for more FREE WITCHCRAFT SPELLS and wonderful offerings. Blessed be to you 

Here’s a mind protection spell

(items needed; a mirror, a pen or quill, a red candle, a strand of hair, amber scented oil)

The purpose of this spell is to create a protective shield around your being, using the wise powers of your ancestors. It matters not it you know your ancestors for they are part of you and you of them and they will be more than happy to help you. You will need to draw a star of light by interlocking two triangles which creates what is known as “solomon’s shield”. Now you can draw a white circle of light around the two triangles. Inscribe the words auric mind shield, then inscribe your initials on top of the words. With a few drops each anoit the candle with the oil and do the same with your wrists, ankles, throat, crown and all chakras.  Now light the candle place the mirror next to the candle so that you can see it reflection and your own. Place a strand of your hair in the flame of the candle as this calls upon your ancestors’ assistance. Now you can ask them to impart their powers unto you, and ask them to sheild you from unwanted energy, hexes or spells. by saying;  

The law requires me to inform that this all my items are for entertainment purposes only and I must state I am not responsible for any activity that may or may not occur should you Buy this and all of our items. Any extra activity or lack of activity cannot be guaranteed this is the responsibity of the buyer only.





Thank you and happy bidding!

SHIPPING TERMS:I will ship your item in a few days of confirmed payment

Our coven witchtalismans Sisters of The north have helped many by endowing:help with love, health wealth and more

If you have any questions please feel free to email me, I will try to answer all your questions as soon as possible.

Blessings to you from our coven. If you want to contact our coven feel free to to do so anytime. witchtalismans@sbcglobal.net

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