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Light a green candle to summon the energy of Jupiter and a light gold candle which represents the new year of 2009. Place the two in each safe and secure vessel. Place small photos of yourself and loved ones around the candles and repeat this charm 9 times while using your powers of visualization to see yourself and the loved ones; “JUPITER HEAR MY WORDS AND OBEY MY PRAY….HEALTH AND WEALTH SHALL FOLLOW ME, AND ENDOW THE SAME UPON MY FAMILY.”


A spell to help your child (or other children) on the day of an exam. Take two yellow altar candles and light them, then burn three drops of rosemary essential oil in your oil burner. Visualize your your at the ready with pencil and paper in hand waiting for the instructor to
announce BEGIN!. While visualizing your child  light a orange candle and notice your child relaxed. Light a blue candle and see the same in your mind’s eye. Finally grab two yellow candles (the color of intellect) light them and continue to see your child confident and secure about his/her answers. Now notice all the candle flames alive and flickering with life, this light represent the child reading and writing without hesitation as each question is answered correctly. These candles should remain lit until your child returns home and then snuff them out.


Attach a small crystal amethyst stone on a string (can be glued or drilled hole) and hang it around the neck of the puppy. Make sure this is doen so it will not harm the creature. This powerful stone will help the puppy during house training to prevent accidents and damage to the home.


In a small bowl fill it with rain water and add the very unique hematite crystal. Leave it in a place where it will not be disturbed for three days and three nights. Now on the fourth day, remove the stone and use your mind to visualize what it is that you want to accomplish, seeing it manifest and come true. Immediately flashes and images of what you must do shall come to you showing you the way.

TO DIMINISH STRESS (candle spell)

This spell can be done any day of the week. Light two white candles burn one drop of ylang-ylang and two drops of lavender essential oils together in a oil burner. Absorb the peace around you filled with tranquillity when holding a amethyst stone…you will begin to feel the energy of the crystal calming you. With this peace and tranquillity still being focused upon light an orange candle and see it color surround you freeing the stress. Continue this for 10 minutes and then sit down, relax and visualize all the stress fleeing your body, turning into the smoke that emitts from the candles. Allow the candles to self extinguish.


Place a bloodstone crystal in a bowl and take a marigold flower and pluck seven petals from it place them in a bowl filled with water. Hold the bowl up in the air high and say three times each time in a louder voice; “Oh mighty sun of power give these petals strength to fight.” Upon the day of the legal hearing, take the crystal out and either hold it in you hand or put it in your pocket close to your heart.


This can be done on any day of the week but is more powerful on a wednesday. Light two white candles and while doing so visualize your
guide being around you and say, ” Hear my words and my plea I request the guidance of THEE!” Now once focused, place in the middle of the candles on the altar a vase full of fresh white flowers and say, “These I offer for always being here” Fill a glass with water and
place it on the altar table and speak, “This shall  bring clear thoughts and growth.” Light two purple candles, and then sit down and talk to
your guide about the troubles and thoughts that bother you. The guide is more prone to listen and reveal answers to you. Through mental visualization and dreams shall great knowledge advise you.


With a bowl full of water add three drops of rose oil, five petals of a single rose and a small sodalite crystal stone. leave it for four days
after the fourth day remove the crystal and keep it close to your heart. This spell shall make revealing your feelings much easier.


In a lavender bush bury a blue lace agate crystal about 5-7 inches deep. Let it remain their for seven days and dig it up on the eighth day after 3:00p.m but before 9:00p.m. Grasp the crystal in your hand while holding it near your heart and say; “Blue lace agate with your
calming blue absorb my anger and hate TOO!” This should be repeated 5 times and with each time visualizing a smile on your face and a lifted hearted heart. This should be wrapped in a cloth and carried for three days where ever you go.


Light two purple candles on a Tuesday and burn three drops of lavender essential oil in a burner. While preparing visualize all that
disturbs you around the home and the concerns that bother you. Light a orange, blue and pink candle but this time visualize a home filled with calm and tranquility among all that life their. Walk two feet away backwards and speak three times while meditating for 10 minutes on that which you desire from the home “disharmony be GONE! bring love and peace to this wonderful HOME!!”

CHASE AWAY FEAR (crystal spell)

At around 8 a.m place a tiger eye crystal on your windows seal or anywhere to receive sunlight for 4 hours. After the 4 hours and while still warm place the crystal in the palm of your hand and close your eyes visualizing the warmth of the stone entering your hands focusing on nothing but the heat of the sun’s powerful rays surging into your hands and into your body surrounding your body in a cocoon of power. The fear which you once felt is now becoming weak and diminished, replaced with courage and power.


In a white bowl place a citrine stone and fluorite stone. This bowl should then be filled with water and an added teaspoon of salt along
with three drops of rosemary oil. Allow this to remain outside for three days and three nights.  On the fourth night hold the crystals in your hands and visualize the excellent grades that you desire and keep the crystals with you in a small cloth bag at all times when studying for the test and while taking the test.

TO FIND A JOB (crystal spell)
In a bowl of water place a red jasper crystal, four cinnamon sticks and a teaspoon of sugar. Let this sit in the moonlight for three nights(remove before the sun shine upon it placing it in a dark place). After the third night hold the crystal in your hands and visualize the  job whihc you desire. Carry this crystal in a cloth bag/pouch during interviews and daily.

Blessings to you from our coven. If you want to contact our coven feel free to to do so anytime. witchtalismans@sbcglobal.net

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