Protection from evil magic near and far

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It is true that people will try to harm you, by sending either direct evil spells and hate or by their evil thoughts or feelings for you. Either way it is good to have some means of protection from these type of attacks. It is never advised to use black or evil magic and with that said it is not acceptable to receive attacks. These spells will protect, diminish or deflect evil that is focused your way. DO NO HARM!!!


Take seven rusty nails and seven black peppercorns in a clear bowl. Fill this with water  and add 3 pinches of salt. Add to this an apache tear stone, tiger’s eye stone, and a clear quartz crystal stone while at the same time visualizing the person’s face that you fear may harm you. Now say this three times “Stay away enemy of mine leave my life
I’ll be just fine!” allow this bowl to remain untouched with everything still inside for 24 hours then place the crystals in a blue drawstring bag and carry for at least 5 days.


On a Saturday light two black candles and while doing so visualize the negative deeds your enemy have done against you and others. In a burner place and burn 5 drops of frankincense essential oil which will clear the negativity and on a piece of parchment paper write the person’s name with these words “Be gone from me my enemy (name of person). Never to return in my LIFE you shall not cause me any more strife!.


Add one cup of vinegar, a bunch of fresh rue, and a tablespoon of salt to your bath water. Light a blue candle and a white candle near the bathtub.Visualize your body being soothed in a white light glowing more intense as the negativity dissipates.

TO PROTECT YOUR HOME(herbal spell)

Take a red ribbon and tie a bunch of garlic to the corner by you front door. This will protect you and your family from negative that may try to enter your home. Even when someone with a negative vibration enters your home their attitude will begin to decrease.


Obtain a fresh whole coconut , drain it and slice it in half. In a bowl Mix one teaspoon of fresh rosemary and basil along with a cup of uncooked rice. Blend these together, then fill the two coconut halves with the mixture. Reassemble the coconut together and wrap a white ribbon around it to keep it shut. On a Saturday night dig a hole in your
backyard about two feet deep and bury the coconut.This powerful spell shall begin within days to protect your home and property.


Get or make 4 drawstring bags about 4 inches by 2 inches all the Same sizes. Combine in a bowl two teaspoons of Gilead buds, Solomon’s Seal, and dry angelica. As you do this visualize your home deflecting evil energy. Divide the mix into four equal amounts and fill each bag with it. The bags should be placed in four corners of your home.

Blessings to you from our coven. If you want to contact our coven feel free to to do so anytime.

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