Powers of the pentagram what it can do for you

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Magic is done with not only spell casting to change one’s life, but also certain tools are also necessary. This five-pointed star-shaped image usually drawn with the single point upward is also known as The Seal Of Solomon. This symbol is an excellent example of how magic can be used for evil as well, as this is done by turning the star upside down displaying the horned deity. When using this in magical application each point symbolizes the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and with the top of the pentagram surmounted with the Spirit. With investing a dedicated amount of time and patience this talisman is a powerful tool in magick. Meditation with this device brings bonds to the natural and metaphysical realm. Without a doubt the most recognized and used magical instrument as it is used in many cultures even today. The power of pentagrams have helped in the protection of man for many years, as it chase away and banish deities that fear its power. These devices have helped many people from many walks of life from manual labor workers, business owners, people with Bachelor degree, master degree, doctorate degree and many other people. From Asians to Polish and everyone in between from many races and ethnicity.

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