Spells for a healthy long life

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Here are some free health and well being spells that use various methods to help oneself and others. Use this magic to heal yourself of various ailments to life a healthy life. Remember to send this magic to friends, family and strangers to benefit even greater in your life. Also see our coven for others including; spells, love spells, revenge spells, wicca spells, magic spells, black magic spells, witchcraft spells, money spells, witch spells, spells that work, spells of magic, magick spells, money spells that work, love spells free, free witchcraft spells, magic spells that work, spells and magic, luck spells, love spell, free love spell, warlock spells, money spells that really work, weight loss spells, and others contact us today we shall try our best to better your life.


On a Tuesday night light two red altar candles. In the middle of your altar place the addictive substance that haunts you(alcohol, cigarettes,
drugs or whatever it is including food). Cover your addictive substance with a black cloth and around it wrap a black ribbon. Visualize yourself despising it not wanting it seeing what it is doing to your life and the life of those around you. With this powerful hate in mind light your astral candle and around it light seven red candles for strength and courage. While standing by your altar bring in your mind’s eye the pain, hurt and lies that it has casued you. Meditate for a few minutes seeing your life without these poisons as the candles burn down so will your desire for the substance. Snuff the candles and repeat for every day for seven consecutive days. This can be performed for a loved one too but will require you to have a recent (no more then 2 years) picture and visualization skills.

OVERCOME AN ILLNESS (candle spell)

On a Saturday light two yellow altar candles and sprinkle crushed eucalyptus leaves on you altar table. Begin to visualize yourself being healthy and restored strength, light an orange candle. On each side of the orange candel light a red candle, then stand back, and observe the flames burning your illness away. Visualize the strength within you
flickering and gaining as the candles dance in rejoice then speak; “Yes I was broken and weak, but now my POWER IS AT IT’S PEAK!!!!” Continue to see your strength and health restoring. Snuff the candles and repeat for the next three days as you will notice your health regain.


Get a bunch of fresh eucalyptus leaves, break then in half with your hands, and place them into the bath along with five to six drops of eucalyptus oil. While bathing see the cold breaking from your body as it exits all your pores. Breath in the bath scent and meditate as the warm water restores your health.

TO COMBAT INSOMNIA (crystal spell)

Place two drops of pure lavender oil on a amethyst cluster. Hold it in your hands just before slumber. Visualize peaceful thoughts and happy dreams. Place the amethyst cluster in a purple sock under your pillow and go to sleep.

Blessings to you from our coven. If you want to contact our coven feel free to to do so anytime. witchtalismans@sbcglobal.net

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