Your hands can heal yourself and others

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Healing is usually done by doctors, as modern medicine is a technique that have been practiced for hundreds of years. But before modern medicine and the use of Doctorate Degrees (and yes before personal injury lawyers and malpractice lawyer) and many other professionals that require more than just credit cards or Pay Day Loans to fund the schooling. There were other means of restoring the health to others and this was done by natural herbalist using ancient teachings and magic. This magic was and still is practiced throughout the world and have even helped to improve healing in an “civilized” society.
We are not trying to say that doctors means of healing are inferior and that using them are not useful. Because that would not be true, as doctors have saved countless lives and continue to try their best to preserve the well-being of all mankind. Without doctors, scientist  and other medical personal man would probably not live longer than 30 to 40 years of age. WE NEED AND TOTALLY RESPECT DOCTORS!!
With that said, and a stem of that fact leads us to the fact that many doctors use science and EMOTION to heal many of their patients. And it is that emotion that breaths life to the energy that is needed to heal! This is true for doctors(who use technology) and wicca or the practitioners of magic(who use ancient knowledge) to heal and save the lives of others.
Whenever you touch anything or breath the air in a room, it is not the same anymore. You have left in that room or on that object “a piece of yourself”. It is an energy… a power that is living and obeys she/he that know HOW to command and control it. This energy can be projected using countless vessels such as; physical, auric, psychic, verbal, spiritual and many others.

Blessings to you from our coven. If you want to contact our coven feel free to to do so anytime.

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