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All societies in recorded history have acknowledged the existence of ghosts and recognize the need to protect themselves from themselves against the hidden forces of the universe.
A ghost is sometimes confused with the term spirit, but they are indeed separate and different. A ghost would be defined as a being that once was (like some spirits) it is defined as a manifestation of persistent personal energy and it is where the separation between the two begin. A ghost is more of a troubled or lost being or even a being that had a wrongful death, or one that remains on our plane of existence due to “unfinished business” and seeks the person(s) that are to help it and or to help and protect those that mattered so much to the once mortal man/woman. All too often do the coven and I hear a great amount of how a ghost tried to harm a person, and with this being very possible (as we have been threatened and attacked many times due to the great number of interaction we have) most of the time they do not bother others so they really should not be feared. If however a living person has the power to command a ghost, they can indeed cause a great deal of harm. As ghost have not only haunted the living but have caused great ill in the form of diseases such as CANCER, depression, headaches weight loss and other physical problems. Ghost are not like what many think of as beings that follows a person a tries to rise up fear through scaring a person. Ghost can however cause a person to have great financial woes as well. A person who had already faced problems with credit cards pay day loans or others would face an even greater difficulty because of the ghost that was charged against the person. Any type of investing such as IRA Rollover or bonds would also become a huge challenge due to these beings blocking your success. Ghost can affect a person in a physical way as well, when they are charged against a person they many times emit foul odors and push some people to require alcohol treatment as they have driven people to “remove” his/herself away from the mundane. Some who have been victim to drugs, require drug rehab as they are pushed back to their old ways. Yes, although ghost seldom bother the mundane, THEY CAN AND WILL. Especially when they are CHARGED to do so.


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