The elements are here to help us!!

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The four major elements are obedient to mankind as with all that dwells upon this plane of existence. They are here to help us, shelter us, protect us and feed us their powers are not loans but rather knowledge that stays with us. We must learn to master the great power that is within us all and to teach this to others and endow greatness to our neighbor. As we shall use the magic to bring good to all. Through the knowledge of the elements many mundane manifestations have resulted preventing bankruptcy to families that needed help. Magick helps others in many issues such as legal advice investing and even credit cards. What better legal advice could one ask for or need other more than what is INSIDE? Use the powers of the elements to bring this out.

Elemental EARTH; It is connected with the goddess, the mother. It is nurturing, giving, grounding, stabilizing and fertile. This element helps to promote and empower weight loss. The north and colors green and brown are known to favor elemental EARTH.

Elemental AIR; It is connected to and associated with life, as our breath and all that lives rely on the breath of life. This is why it is highly respected and referred to as the soul of magic and mysticism.The use of communication,powers of the mind and consciousness are servant to elemental Air. It is known to have an influence to that of East and favored with the color Yellow.

ELEMENTAL WATER; It is highly connected with the feminine aspect being fertility cleansing, healing and love. It has a powerful link to the direction of the West and is favored by the color blue. Although this element have been closely associated death and other less favorable acts, this element have and is the beginning of all life. This element washes away depression and restores happiness. Mundane problems such as acne are chased away with elemental water.

ELEMENTAL FIRE; This element is highly respected and connected to the GOD. It’s all that is energy, healing, fertility and desire. But it is also known as destruction of the outworn. It is associated with the direction, South and favors the color red, for it is the order of things, law, solidity law and reliability.

Blessings to you from our coven. If you want to contact our coven feel free to to do so anytime.

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