Dreams are telling us? How dreams help us!!

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Our dreams are telling us a great deal about who we are and what is held for us in the future.
Do you remember your dreams? The true meaning of your dreams will not be found in some book written by someone else. But rather a dream book should be made by YOU!! One should record the visions of his/her dreams immediately each morning upon rising for the day. This is important as doing so will help you to maintain an accurate ledger of one’s dreams.

Within weeks, you’ll be able to predict many events in your life simply by being aware of the true meaning of your dreams.

If you have difficulty recalling dreams, mentally, repeat to yourself before sleep: “I will recall all my dreams upon awakening and I will also know their meaning”. Repeat seven times investing this time and effort now will help you greatly in the future.

Keep pen and pad beside bed or use a laptop computer. Upon awakening, remain in bed, keep eyes closed and jot down all major events in your dreams.  If you have difficulty recalling dreams, think of important people, places or events in your life. This will often jog your dream memory. Whatever you remember, write it down.
Many dreams will be easy for you to define because they will deal with your inner dreams, desires and fears. By examining yourself you will recognize these dreams immediately. One major player in dream recall is ‘symbol association’. What do your dream objects (symbols) mean to you? When you think about them, how do they make you feel? What common things , and, uncommon things can you associate with your dream symbols? Is there a hidden message to be revealed?

Every night in your dream journal, record your day’s activities, etc., the same as you would if it were a diary consolidate this information together. Include your thoughts and current concerns, future plans, and past events, anything that may be on the ‘top’ of your mind. By doing this you will soon learn the true meaning of your dreams. This daily analysis will greatly enhance your ability to predict many events in your life.
Understand that dreams not only interpret, recall or foresee events and people in YOUR life….but your dreams also decipher knowledge of persons’, places and things of many years ago. Some people have used a technique called “dream incubation” which is a process that requires a person to sleep near areas of interest ( be it a famous historical battle ground or even a mundane home that housed a normal middle class family) which require information that only people who were present could know.
Not limited to “normal people” as some well-known individuals of history have also foretold important events in their own as well as others’ lives. Not all dreams have an “happy ending” one such person have seen wraiths or doppelgangers of future events. Such sightings are different from precognitive dreams like that experienced by The 16th president of The United Sates of America who foretold his own assassination; the percipient is awake, and fully aware of his or her surroundings. He is not the only person as Queen Elizabeth I of England prophesied her own demise.

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