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For Sale here is this ring this ring
is an offering from our coven, witchtalismans sisters of the north witch coven. Here is
your opportunity to obtain a truly delightful piece that you can use and
cherish for all your life and pass along to others. Please feel free to
contact us if you have any questions about this offering or need anything, this as well as all our offerings are owned and keep by us; the witch coven known as witchtalismans sisters of the north. While using an older digital camera, we have taken hundreds of pictures of this offering and have shared a small number of them here.

This offering possess the power and energy to safely summon the energy of The Djinn deities and all types of genies that are around or near the keeper from as far as 400 miles away. Djinns’ shall not harm the keeper and shall grant the wishes of the keeper. We advise the keeper to minor wishes such as; “help me in finding a job” or “help me to cast spells”, anything that is not far and difficult such as “Make me the mega millionaire” wishes like that is possible and will bring the keeper closer than many others, however it is very difficult to materialize. The more the keeper have this offering and connect his/her vibrations with it, the greater the outcome and manifestations of one’s desires. This offering can call upon the powers of Djinns far and wide and although the Djinn is not permanently housed within this offering….it does hold them as a form of resting area to allow them to charge their powers but also requires them to “pay the landlord” (that being the keeper)by granting wishes. The offering is spell cast with protections from all Djinns (which includes those who have been commanded by the keeper), deities and the owner or those Djinns. Use this offering to wield great power and bring about many manifestations. The offering have been known to bring about visions and voices, increasing the keeper’s mental powers and spell casting.

Authentic offering owned and kept by our coven, a coven the is comprised of 13 coven members.

This lovely offering is made from metal and stone.

Authentic offering owned and kept by our witch coven, witchtalismans sisters of the north witch coven.

This offering is NOT limited to gender, as it can be owned by any who has an interest / desire for it. 

If you have an attraction to this offering or believe it should be yours, then place bid(s) as if you have this strong desire to obtain it then perhaps you should take ownership of it. Please contact us if you have any questions or need anything.  
Now being offered from Sisters of The North is this lovely ring that is a size 6 U.S  (11.87 Europe) this ring is gold plated with clear quartz.

This offering is just $182.30 plus $6.50 shipping






We advise that once this ring is in the hands of its
intended owner/user that no one else is allowed to keep it or use it
for at least 7 days and 7 nights. This ring would be great for anyone,
and even given as a gift. Contact our coven if you have any questions or
need anything we shall try our best to assist you.


Blessings this ring or pendant offering comes as a ritual kit which includes a pouch, sand / salt, instructions for spell casting and use, and a gift(coin or pendant) please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need anything. Thank you and blessed be, Mirsada witchtalismans.

Merry meet to you and thanks for coming to our coven today. This offering should be kept and cared for, one must understand that objects which are kept by a person becomes part of that person.

Our coven have been taught and practice as part of our faith that colors have various attributes. We also believe that stones and minerals of the earth possess great abilities which can change one’s life, through Health, Love, Wealth, Knowledge and many areas as well.

Merry meet to you and thanks for coming to our coven today. Here’s a Spell that you can perform TODAY use magick with caution and patience. You are encouraged to see our other listings as well for more FREE WITCHCRAFT SPELLS and wonderful offerings. Blessed be to you 
To make Home Protection Oil

 Anointed on charms designed to protect the home from evil. Sprinkled about the home to keep evil influences away.

Use equal parts of the following; Five finger grass, sandlewood, gardenia petals and purslane herb. Add two tablespoons of this mixture to two ounces of oil. One pinch of blessed salt is put in each bottle of oil made
 The law requires me to inform that this all my items are for entertainment purposes only and I must state I am not responsible for any activity that may or may not occur should you Buy this and all of our items. Any extra activity or lack of activity cannot be guaranteed this is the responsibility of the buyer only.


SHIPPING COST: Shipping to all of the UNITED STATES AND EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD IS ONLY SEE shipping calculator shipping worldwide!! ADDED NOTE; their are some places in the world that prohibit the use of magic, please advise us of your situation so we can ship the item to you safely and without disruption.

Thank you and happy bidding!

SHIPPING TERMS: I will ship your item in few days of confirmed payment

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