Divination Visions Within Us All

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Divination is a gift and power within us all, it bonds our mind and spirit when mastered. It is through divination that people changed their lives as having knowledge of upcoming financial problems such as bankruptcy credit cards taxes and many others have been foretold and prevented with the help of divination and some of us have more control of it and have embraced it more than others. Do you have the potential to master this wonderful power? The answer without a a doubt is YES! If you have ever closed your eyes to sleep and in the process experienced dreams….then yes you too have experienced the power of divination.

Divination have been performed in all cultures and using countless devices to accomplish this task. From cartomancy(reading cards) to palmistry (the power of reading a person using his/her palms) and everything in between. It does not matter by which means you use to foretell the events in others lives, as long as you find the technique(s) that are right for you. It is a skill and power that requires most people to spend time and patience to master as with anything else.
Master the powers of Divination with a little help
Here are a few other forms of divination some I am sure you will identify while others are not as known.
CLEROMANCY: reading crystal gazing scrying.
CHEIROMANCY: Casting runes or dice
PYROMANCY: Gazing into flames of a fire
ZOOMANCY: Observing the movements and behavior of animals
TASSEOGRAPHY: Reading tea leaves
LAMPADOMANCY: Candle flame gazing
ONEIROMANCY: Interpreting dreams
SORTILEGE: Drawing lots
ARITHMANCY or NUMEROLOGY: Using the power of numbers
PSYCHOMETRY: Handling an object which has a connection
LECONOMANCY: Pouring oil on water
ALECTRYOMANCY: Using chickens
RADIESTHESIA: Dowsing using pendulum find water sources
CRYSTALLOMANCY: The use of crystals
CLEDONOMANCY: Divination by overhearing words by chance
AUTOMATIC WRITING: This is done by the subconscious mind
Many other forms of divination are being used everyday!!
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