What your aura reveals

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Everyone has an aura around their bodies and that aura tells a lot about who we are and what we want in life. The aura which surrounds our bodies are various vibrate colors and each color determines mood, health, and even warns us of impeding dangers around. Everyone has the ability to see this beautiful energy and to master it, as this can be accomplished through meditation and or opening the third eye. Every living being has an aura, this is the very essence of the spirit of that being anywhere you go anything you touch leaves a bit of your energy on that object…this auric impression is something that cannot be mimicked or altered. It is as unique as one’s DNA, this energy is so powerful that even a person who had a facelift or significant weight loss could not fool. The aura around a beings body is more precise than that of a Lasik laser surgery.Having this ability should be used to help others as well as one self.

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