Astral Projection and out of body Travel Done by You!!

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Astral projection and out of body travel is an ability that anyone can become a master of if she/he know how to tap its powers….YOUR POWERS of astral projection are very useful allowing you to go anywhere at anytime!!
It is very much possible that you already had (several or more times)  an out of body or astral projection experience and don’t even know it. The best time and easiest time is when you are going to sleep, as during this time your mind and body are relaxed and your astral form has dominate power over your physical and mental form. When you arrive in a house or building for the first time and you just seem to know where everything is….Perhaps you have been here before in this time, that is most likely Astral projection. Or it could be a past life experience if the conditions of the time seem different or you are seeing objects at different angles or perceptions. You can learn more about PAST LIFE REINCARNATION also on our other pages. But now let’s have a better look at ASTRAL PROJECTION.
Astral Projection or Out Of Body Travels is: The first plane, or sphere beyond the physical body. This is the form by which our spirit takes when we take our last breath on this physical earth. However one can take this form when still alive as well allowing us to lift from our mundane physical body into a form that is not seen by the naked eye but sensed and detected by those who are tuned to auric impressions or images.

When in the astral body, you are undetected by many others and all of your physical ailments and disorders are NO MORE, as when in this astral state you are capable of traveling great distances in seconds limited only to your own knowledge of the place that you are visiting. Nothing to worry about when in this plane;no worries of weight loss, mortgages, bankruptcy, taxes or anything else. In the astral form you can fly (no need for a Jet Charter or calling cards) and walk through physical structures as if they were not there at all. A typical astral travel would be anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes and it mostly depends upon YOUR OWN ability to meditate and control your astral body. The use of astral travel helps a person with problems of depression as it helps the person to CONTROL his/her environment. People who lacked the concentration needed to work at home and students studying for his or her Adult Education be it a master degree doctorate or any other education have found that with the help of this practice life becomes easier.
As a word of caution!!!
Although rare, it has happened before that some people separated from their bodies too long and as a result found it difficult to return back to the physical form. This can be very dangerous as when this happens panic can form and cause your astral body to send back messages of fear which could cause excellerated heart rate. The best thing to do when in your astral body and you are excited by events that you have witnessed, is just to remain calm and slowly begin the process of projecting your form back to your body.

How to Astral Project

Astral projection is successfully done by first learning HOW to meditate and use visualization. One would not take a trip before FIRST getting and understanding a map, and Astral Projection is nothing different. If you have learned to master a minor part of meditation, feeling each and every part of your body and then learning to see with your mind’s eye using visualization then you are probably ready to astral project.

Find a room where you will not be disturbed and that is comfortable for you both mentally and physically. You can do this while lying down, sitting in a chair or even sitting on the floor. You should light a frankincense or any other incense that comforts you. Begin by having a picture of the place that you aim to visit or by concentrating and visualizing it in your mind and then when you have your thoughts trained on it slowly close your eyes. At this time you should begin to start visualizing your own body starting from your feet going up your toes and your foot and all the way up and all of your other extremities should follow all directed to your third eye as this may take anywhere from 3 minutes to 15 minutes which depends upon it person. Now that you have all your energies focused begin to feel your astral body release from your as you notice your physical body still in it’s unmoved position. Not limited to tie and space you begin to project, float, fly, or materialize your astral body to its destination. Your means of travel is up to YOU! as in this astral form you are limited only to your own desires. Returning back to your physical body should be done with caution by only visualizing where your Projection Point is and slowly re-entering your physical shell.

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