Monthly Archives: September 2015

Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Spell casting

Powerful spells cast for those who are ready to change their lives; Gain wealth, get a lover, improve health, open your third eye, master spell casting many other areas of one’s life improved. On September 27 10:11p.m the Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse shall be AS ONE!!!!…in a position that is seldom witnessed and during that time the powers of the… (more…)

Spell to become a Werewolf magick enchanted offerings

Werewolf transformation spell, spell to become a werewolf, werewolves spell, spell werewolf, spell for werewolf, spell to become a werewolf. Just as advised about our WEREWOLF spell casting we advise strong and careful consideration when desiring to enter the world of THE WEREWOLVES. Those who consider becoming a Werewolf will have to understand that while their are some methods to… (more…)

Transgender enchantment Caitlyn Bruce Jenner spell cast

Transgender transformation spell change gender become female male 3 Dybbuk Box charged spell cast stones Only $52.50 plus $6.50 shipping “Give me Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner enchantment” Transgender spell ritual change gender, materialize the right body for the person witch spells cast for the person charged on 3 stones with power of Dybbuk Box. spells cast by witch coven for… (more…)