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Blessings to you and welcome to our coven, I am Mirsada and we are the witches known as Sisters of the north….and welcome to our coven.

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Here at witchtalismans Sisters of the North (S.O.N) you are welcomed to discover & learn about the wonderful world of magick and our coven of 13 members. Our all women coven members are descendants or German, Russian, Dutch, French, Italian, Romanian, Ukrainian, British & Australian. So our coven is well versed and trained in many forms of magick from all over the world and in different cultures & beliefs.

For well over 250 years Sisters of the North witch coven have brought about great manifestations for many others worldwide using our spells, spell cast offerings, talismans and amulets. We have helped in areas of Love, Health, Power, Luck, protection, career and much more.

We are sure that by now you are a skeptic and have questions for us such as. “Is this right for me?” And you may want to know WHERE is this power derived from…asking “is this magick evil or derived from the devil” If not then is their any magick that is positive or good magick? Or “I have never cast a spell or had one cast on me….will this work effectively for me?”.

Believe it or not you are not alone with asking these questions as this is normal and really is to be expected especially when so much confusion, deception and misinformation by movies, superstitions and rhetoric spewed by others.

So you asked “Is magick right for me?” absolutely magick is something that is already within us all because it is a natural energy which can be commanded by those who embrace it. “Is magick evil?” The real question is CAN magick be used for evil? Please know that magick is simply a tool which (like any tool) can be used for positive or negative as only the person who performs that magick and intention shall decide whether to use it for benevolent or malevolent. Magick in it’s purest form is neutral but if a person wields that magick to harm another then it becomes negative or black magick. But if that person uses the magick to help oneself and especially others, then the magick is considered to be white magick. While many know of the two(white and black magick) still another form exist which is between the two…Gray magick which could be something such as “send karma back to the person spell” this spell is not evil and not positive as the outcome could be devastating to the person it is projected against. Lastly you ask “I have never cast a spell or had a spell cast for me, will this work?” although we cannot make any guarantees as to whether the spells will work to your FULL expectations…we do know that many times the spells will indeed make changes in the lives of others. But magick is not like a light switch (like the movies portray) in that with just a small amount of time a person can get whatever they want….but rather magick requires belief, time and patience to master and benefit from. So just as a plant usually take time to grow and form, so does magick usually take a new user weeks or months before noticing results. But just like a plant, you may not SEE the growth (as this is usually underground) however this does NOT mean that is is not growing.
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Buy the Blue Eyes OF Jesus Christ ring at a discount price of just $768.99 and $6.50 shipping

This rare spell casting was performed by all 13 coven members and prayed over by three Catholic priest. This is a spell that bridges the world of wicca and witchcraft with that of Christianity, a religion that have always treated mankind in a fair and just manner. It is Christianity that have showed immense pity for the weak, the ill, the unprivileged. It is this religion and that of wicca that forms a temporary union between to two very different worlds. Performing a ritual with both together in compliance if sometimes necessary to balance the universe and to ensure that mankind continue to exist in this sometimes dark realm.This offering has an immense connection to Jesus Christ and brings upon the keeper great protection, visions and success in task that many others would never accomplish. Just as Christ’s blue eyes peered into this mortal realm, so shall this offering “open up” to illuminate protection, power and success to all those near the offering…..his blessing showering with abundance to all. Evil and black magick shall turn away, bad luck and misfortune shall not “stand a chance” against the powers of this offering. Walking into a room shall bring upon the faces of others love, joy peace and fortune. As we know Jesus Christ is loving of ALL PEOPLE, this offering is much more effective for those of European pale skin color, long flowing hair and/or blue eyes (those who resemble the Lord)  a very powerful spell casting. 

We advise that once this ring is in the hands of its
intended owner/user that no one else is allowed to keep it or use it
for at least 7 days and 7 nights. This ring would be great for anyone,
and even given as a gift. Contact our coven if you have any questions or
need anything we shall try our best to assist you.

Buy the Blue Eyes OF Jesus Christ ring at a discount price of just $768.99 and $6.50 shipping


Blessings this ring or pendant offering comes as a ritual kit which includes a pouch, sand / salt, instructions for spell casting and use, and a gift(coin or pendant) please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need anything. Thank you and blessed be, Mirsada witchtalismans.

Merry meet to you and thanks for coming to our coven today. This offering should be kept and cared for, one must understand that objects which are kept by a person becomes part of that person.

Our coven have been taught and practice as part of our faith that colors have various attributes. We also believe that stones and minerals of the earth possess great abilities which can change one’s life, through Health, Love, Wealth, Knowledge and many areas as well.

Merry meet to you and thanks for coming to our coven today. Here’s a Spell that you can perform TODAY use magick with caution and patience. You are encouraged to see our other listings as well for more FREE WITCHCRAFT SPELLS and wonderful offerings. Blessed be to you 

Immense WEALTH and KNOWLEDGE can be yours with the power of THE KING SOLOMON RING
solomon richesgold richesmoney
Spell cast exclusively for you to help in obtaining the life that you desire and deserve with the help of the enchantment of our King Solomon ritual spell. This enchantment is performed by ALL 13 COVEN MEMBERS and evokes the wisdom and power of 4 ancient deities of Wealth & Knowledge through the powers of one deity his name is MAHMOOD محمود
he is an Saudi Arab who have domain powers over the 4 deities attached to the offering. Using the ancient powers of NAAMAH (with her ability to help the keeper to charm others in deal making) the powers of THOTH known as The Lord Of Books and gaining knowledge he will give the keeper improved ability to learn and maintain knowledge of money and how to grow it. The Powers of BURAQ this winged deity brings the improvement, ideas and growth of entrepreneurial businesses…helping to remove obstacles that may have once stood in the way of the keeper’s success. And finally the powers of SIMBI a LWA Congo water snake magician who wields immense powers and have a powerful hold on the control and flow of technology which business relies upon.
Our coven offers the powers of all 4 deities above enchanted upon:
This Powerful handcrafted custom spell cast silver sterling 925 solid ring has a carnelian stone engraved with the Seal of the Prophet Solomon, the offering will be handmade to your ring size (by another organization) and then our coven shall perform a 7 day ritual that evokes and charges this offering with the powers of the deities used in rite to endow the keeper with the powers to bring immense wealth and knowledge into the keeper’s life. About the Islamic writing: (1) In the center: El Mulku Lillah (2) Around the ring are the names: Davud – David, Ibrahim – Abraham, Ishak – Isaac, Yakup – Jacob, Musa – Moses, and Harun – Aaron. (3) Calligraphy in Outside: are in parts(Ayat) from Holly Quran. Surah Pen(51. – 52. Ayats) (51)And the Unbelievers would almost trip thee up with their eyes when they hear the Message; and they say: “Surely he is possessed!”(52) But it is nothing less than a Messageto all the worlds.
Please understand that because this offering is handcrafted and spell cast for 7 days, that we will have to shipped your offering(s) to you about 3 to 4 weeks after you have placed the order so please have patience as the offering(s) will arrive to you.This offering have changed many of our client’s lives with them coming back to us with news that (1) their business exploded with sales and no sign of slowing down (2) Their luck have increased allowing them to win games of chance such as lottery drawings for as much $650,000.00 in one drawing and other jackpots of $10k & smaller winnings became more frequent (3) other clients informed us of obtaining money through inventions, patents, apps they were able to develop when they could not before due to the offering enchanting knowledge and concentration they have never experienced before. (4) we are constantly getting messages from our clients thanking us and ordering them for family, friends, students,investors etc. These offerings are powerful and connects with the keeper through the name assigned by each offering as just as each offering is unique, so is the name that is attached to the offering….no two names are the same for the offering.
We all know who King Solomon is and the wealth that he amassed
King Solomon’s Wisdom beyond that of other mortals
King Solomon’s mines are to be admired even today with great wealth and riches
King Solomon’s worth today is greater than some of the riches men of today
King Solomon’s treasure is indeed immense
king solomon advocated and practiced strict asecenticisn
King Solomon’s wealth can become YOUR wealth
Unlock the key of King Solomon with this ring
Custom spell cast using your information, this ring endows immense wealth upon the keeper
King Solomon riches and wealth attracted using in this ring
Witchtalismans evokes King Solomon’s riches upon this ring
Use King Solomon’s wealth and knowledge the help others too

This beautiful rings are being offered and are custom for YOU and / or a gift to someone you love and available sizes 7 to 12 U.S the size are: 7 U.S (Europe;14.51) , 7 1/4 U.S (Europe;15.00), 7 1/2 U.S (Europe;15.76), 7 3/4 U.S (Europe; 16.45), 8 U.S (Europe; 17.15), 8 1/4 U.S (Europe; 17.77), 8 1/2 U.S (Europe; 18.40), 8 3/4 U.S (Europe; 19.00), 9 U.S (Europe; 19.66), 9 1/4 U.S (Europe; 20.38), 9 1/2 U.S (Europe; 20.98), 9 3/4 U.S (Europe; 21.67), 10 U.S (Europe; 22.33), 10 1/4 U.S (Europe; 23.00), 10 1/2 U.S (Europe; 23.59), 10 3/4 U.S (Europe; 24.28), 11 U.S (Europe; 24.97), 11 1/4 U.S (Europe; 25.60), 11 1/2 U.S (Europe; 26.22), 11 3/4 U.S (Europe; 26.92), 12 U.S (Europe; 27.51). With your order please give us your (or whoever this/these offerings are for) Name, date of birth, direction of sleeping in bed while sleeping(head point to the north? east? south? of west?) and ring size. Please understand that because this offering is handcrafted and spell cast for 7 days, that we will have to shipped your offering(s) to you about 3 to 4 weeks after you have placed the order so please have patience as the offering(s) will arrive to you. The offering does not need be worn but we do advise the keeper to carry it in a pouch, bag or wear around the neck, as the offering is connecting with the energy of the keeper. The offering’s powers will work even if the person does not have the offering on them because it is assigned and linked to the keeper, but its powers may not be as effective.

solomon ring size

solomon ring sizes

Custom spell cast Solomon Ring of wealth knowledge

This is a very powerful spell and we advise that once this ring is in the hands of its original owner, that no one else is allowed to keep it or use it for at least 7 days and 7 nights. During this period the ring is bonding with the wearer and its vibrations and that of the wearer shall entwine as one, establishing a “link for life”. This ring would be great for anyone, and even given as a gift. Contact me if you require a special item or cannot find what you seek here.
If you have any questions or need anything feel free to contact us witchtalismans@sbcglobal.net.This spell will cost just $685.50 and free shipping we can accept payment through paypal or by visa/mastercard, or Western Union, moneygram. When you receive the spell cast ring offering, we ask that you meditate with the offerings to bond your energy with the spells THROUGH the ring(s). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need anything, thanks again and blessed be to you, Mirsada witchtalismans sisters of the north witches coven. Buy your custom spell cast offering TODAY so you can lock in your order(s) NOW before it is too late.

Let our coven recite a prayer for you to help in many areas of your life with The Helping Hand ritual;

Helping Hand ritual daily,weekly or monthly?

BLESSING PERFORMED ONE TIME just $5.99 no extra fees

helping hands spell

Luck not in your favor? Want to improve matters of love? Want to deflect evil that is following you? We can help you, with the aid of our HELPING HAND SPELL!!!

Improve your love, luck, health and protection with “The Helping Hand ritual”. Our coven performs blessings Called The Helping Hand Ritual…it is this ritual that has brought great changes to the lives of thousands. You can have the same blessings endowed upon you or another for as little as only $3.75 daily or just one day, just $5.99 each week (we perform the spell 7 days in a row for you) or have it done monthly at just $73.55 (we perform the blessing each day for the next 30 days) which ever is best for you ACT NOW!!! as we are able to bless only a small group of people daily so if you or someone else in your life could use a boost for the beginning of the day, week, or month then this ritual will be of great aid as it will help immensely and it has been known to last for as long as 1 year. Please submit your name(or the person intended), date of birth and direction of sleeping (east to west, south to north, or which ever direction you sleep) we accept credit cards payment through paypal we shall gather the information and perform the blessing asap.


Helping Hand ritual daily,weekly or monthly?

We have a great deal of information and offerings here on our website check out our other pages and contact us anytime if you have any questions or need anything, thanks again and blessed be to you, your friend Mirsada witchtalismans@sbcglobal.net

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